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In 2013, the NFL implemented a clear bag policy, stipulating that the only bags that could be taken into the stadium were clear stadium bags (that didn’t exceed certain size requirements). 

NFL Bag Policy allows one clear bag per fan. Stadium bags cannot exceed 12” by 6” by 12”.  

They did this to improve stadium-goers safety, speed up security – since each bag could be checked quickly as the contents could be clearly seen through the transparent PVC material – and lessen the time that people had to spend waiting for bag checks.

Countless venues, including other stadiums, music venues and theaters, followed suit as they considered the benefits of the clear bag policy, making clear bags a necessity for those who frequented sports games, concerts and other indoor and outdoor events.

From here, a fashion trend was born out of necessity, with Chanel showcasing a selection of transparent PVC bags in their 2018 fashion collection.

However, unlike countless other trends, which have come in one year – or season – and left the other, fashionable clear bags have remained a staple in shoppers’ wardrobes.

Here’s why.

They go with everything!

Transparent handbags have become huge trend. Did you get yours yet?!



Clear Crossbody Purse Stadium Approved -Medium Size


This is a chic clear handbag option that looks like a clear designer bag! It has a sophisticated look yet very practical. The see through design and black trim makes it the perfect accessory to match any outfit. It features a detachable strap and magnetic closure. It can be used as a clear cross body bag, saddle pure or clear clutch. 

This elegant clear saddle bag is sure to impress. The transparent stylish design allows you to find what you need when you need it. No more struggling to find your keys!



designer clear bags


Clear Crossbody Purse Stadium Approved-Small Size

cute clear purse

This transparent designer inspired handbag is the perfect accessory to compliment your style. It is a bit smaller than its counterpart and therefore even more affordable. It also features a detachable shoulder strap and magnetic closure. It can be used as a clear cross body bag, saddle purse or clear clutch. 


*It fits inside the clear purse listed above!


cute clear handbags



Clear Crossbody Purse -MULTIFUNCTIONAL!

clear crossbody bags

This cute stadium purse can be used as a clear cross body handbag or clear wristlet. It features an adjustable strap and a zipper closure. These are perfect clear bags for concerts & football games! Certified to meet NFL, NCAA & PGA Tour security guidelines. 

Not only is this stadium approved purse stylish, it is also multifunctional! It conveniently works as a clear crossbody bag, over the shoulder or football wristlet by removing strap. Adjust the length of the shoulder strap or detach to use as a clear clutch with the wristlet.



clear wristlet



clear bag stadium approved



Also high on our list is this practical clear stadium bag.  It features two bottle holders (one on each side) as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. It also makes a great clear bag for work!



transparent purses




Basic Clear Work Handbag

transparent employee bags


Looking for a more gender neutral bag? Check out this clear handbag. It features a zipper closure and strong nylon webbing handles. Plenty of space to use it for the gym, casino or even to pack a small lunch. 

This budget-friendly cute bag is lightweight and makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. 

Measures 11.5 " W x 7.5 " H x 4 " D

Click Here to watch a video on this clear purse. 


clear work bags



Clear crossbody bags and clear handbags can be paired with almost anything (well, maybe not a ball gown, though a clear designer bag could definitely work in their place) making them a smart and practical staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

In a society quickly becoming more conscious of its consumerism, having fewer items in your closet – and getting more use out of each item – is a trend in its own right, and having a clear tote bag or a clear purse that goes with anything has become a valued part of people’s closets.

Not to mention, it makes outfit planning simpler and quicker.

They’re super functional and allow you to find what you need when you need it.

A common complaint among bag carriers is that it’s often impossible to find anything quickly, especially for those of us who carry the same bag everywhere, and have everything from months-old receipts and out of date cereal bars crowding our limited bag space.

However, clear handbags, clear crossbody bags and clear tote bags allow you to see – from the outside – the item you’re looking for, so your days of rooting around in your bag, and even removing all its contents to find what you want, are over. Easy-peasy! 

Of course, this means that when carrying clear handbags, you’ll have to be a bit more vigilant about not storing junk; which may make you a bit more conscious about being organized.

They remain mandatory for many events.


clear stadium purses



The biggest factor allowing clear tote bags, clear crossbody bags and clear handbags to remain a trend is the fact that – at many of the sporting events and concerts where people make an effort to represent themselves through fashion – a clear bag policy makes a clear stadium bag a necessity. Not to mention most of these venues will not allow entry without a stadium bag.  

This keeps demand for fashionable clear tote bags and similar clear stadium purse varieties high, as a clear stadium bag has become a permanent staple in people’s wardrobes, as long as the clear bag policy remains in place (which it undoubtedly will for the foreseeable future).

Looking to resell our clear bags at your store or need clear bags for your employees? Contact Us for clear bags wholesale. 


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