Clear Bag Policy

clear bag policy guidelines

Did you know the size and type of bag you bring into a football stadium or concert may limit your entry into the venue?

The NFL, NCAA & PGA Tour have certain security guidelines. To expedite your entrance to stadiums, concerts and car races, we have put together a summary of the most common clear bag policy guidelines. 

Clear stadium bags must not exceed 12" x 6" x 12.”

No hardware or decor is permitted to conceal the bag. It must be a transparent purse, transparent tote…all clear. 

Clear bags may only have a logo on one side of the bag. Logo size cannot exceed 4.5“ tall x 3.4” wide.

    clear bag policy NFL

    For a smooth entry into the stadium and to make sure you enjoy the event, make sure to bring a stadium approved clear bag.

    If you are planning on attending an NFL game or visiting the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, speedway or March Madness® Music Festival, make sure to review our stadium approved clear bags. 

    Due to the recent pandemic and possible security guideline changes, we encourage you to visit the individual websites of the venues you may be attending to get up to date information. 

    Take a look at our stadium approved clear bags.