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clear bag policy

Alamodome has a clear bag policy for all events. Bags must be CLEAR plastic and cannot exceed 12” X 6” X 12”. Small bags or clutches  5.5” x 8.5” or smaller are allowed (do not need to be clear). No clear backpacks allowed. Diaper bags are allowed accompanied by an infant. They are not subject to the 12”x6”x12” sizing.

alamodome bag policy


    To expedite entry into Alamodome events, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the clear bag policy guidelines and bring a clear stadium approved bag that meets the specifications outlined by the venue. Below is a summary of what you need to keep in mind when attending a concert, match or sports game; and the specifications for the clear stadium bags required.

    Alamodome Clear Bag Policy For Fans: 

    clear crossbody bag
      • All bags must be CLEAR plastic and cannot exceed a size of 12” x 6” x 12”.
        • Fans are allowed One clear bag per person.  
        • Alamodome Purse Policy allows Small bags or clutches measuring 5.5” x 8.5” or smaller  (do not need to be clear).
        • No tinted bags, they must be completely transparent. 
        • Diaper bags are allowed accompanied by an infant. They are not subject to the 12”x6”x12” sizing, but will be screened prior to entry into the event. 

      Alamodome Bag Rules take after the NFL Clear Bag Policy and adopted similar security measures and guidelines for their events.

      clear saddle bag

      Alamodome PROHIBITED items:

      • Seat Cushions.
      • Clear Backpacks.
      • Mesh Bag.
      • Clear Backpacks.

      Get your stadium clear bags that comply with the Alamodome Bag Policy and  enjoy the event!


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      • Clear Handbags & More Team on

        Sylvia this is what we found online on the Alamodome website “Outside Food and Beverages are not allowed into the Alamodome”. You may want to reach out to them directly to see if anything has changed and you can bring them in a clear bag but their website does not seem to indicate this would be allowed. We hope this helps.

      • Sylvia Garcia on
        Taking small gift bag w home made cookies for grandson graduation, is that OK can be screen

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