Clear Clutch Bag

Is it us or do clear handbags tend to get smaller but we seem to have more stuff! Not fair. Although when it comes to handbags we tend to say “the bigger the better”, some events and evening activities simply demand a small clear purse. 

There’s a fine line between wanting to be prepared and carrying around a bulky 10 pound handbag. Carrying the essentials yes but stuffing your clear bag with “just in case” items that never actually come in handy, is not practical and may stress your shoulders.

The contents of your clear bag say a lot about where you are in life.  As you transition into adulthood and join the workforce your must-have items will change. These clear clutch bags allow you to lighten up while still being prepared for surprises that life throws at you, without overstuffing your bag.

Check out our designer inspired clear clutch selection below. These are not only stadium approved clutches but they also work well as clear evening bags. So pack your must-haves, not the nice-to-haves and enjoy your weekend!


Clear Crossbody Purse Stadium Approved Women Saddle Shoulder Bag Medium 

cute clear handbag for work

This is a chic clear handbag that looks like a designer clear clutch! It comes in two different sizes and is stadium approved. It features a detachable shoulder strap and magnetic closure. It can be used as a clear cross body purse, clear saddle bag or clear clutch. You can even clip the chain to adjust the length!

This elegant transparent clutch is sure to impress.  


clear handbag


 Clear Crossbody Purse Stadium Approved Bags For Women Shoulder Bag   


clear stadium purse


This cute stadium approved clutch can be used as a clear cross body bag or clear evening bag. 

It features an adjustable black strap and a zipper closure. Can be used as a clear game day bag!  Certified to meet NFL, NCAA & PGA Tour security guidelines. 


This designer inspired clear clutch is also multifunctional! Use it as a clear crossbody bag, over the shoulder or clear football wristlet by removing the strap. 


see through handbags


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