Why Are Clear Bags Required At My Job?

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In order to help prevent theft and improve workplace security, an increasing number of businesses are mandating the use of clear bags.

Some examples of workplaces with an employee clear bag policy include gift shops, warehouses, jewelry stores, pharmacies, high-tech manufacturing and correctional facilities. 

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Is The Clear Bag Policy New?

The clear employee bag policy is nothing new. More and more companies are requiring clear bags for their employees. Sometimes employers supply their own clear bags to avoid making the policy costly for their employees. These policies are meant to discourage theft as well as dissuade employees from bringing weapons into an establishment. 


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These guidelines are also followed by most stadiums to help improve safety and speed up security processing when entering a game or concert. Most correctional facilities require their officers to use clear lunch bags whenever they enter or exit the premises. Also, with school threats becoming all too common, some schools have opted for a clear bag policy. Many districts around the country are now requiring students, guests and staff to use clear backpacks or bags in an attempt to help keep  everyone safe and prevent anyone from sneaking a weapon into the classroom. Clear plastic bookbags make it easier for school officials to see what’s inside the bag and helps prevent anyone from concealing weapons. 

Clear tote bags assist companies by making it easier to monitor their employees when they go in and out of their establishment and helps minimize theft. In addition, there's the added benefit of making it easier to spot someone with bad intentions and preventing an incident before it happens.

Does My Employer Not Trust Staff?

While carrying a clear bag may make an employee feel like they are constantly being monitored,  this policy also helps keep everyone safe and it should make employees happy by knowing their employer has taken extra steps to also protect their well-being. 

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