10 Steps For Implementing a Clear Bag Policy

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To enhance security and safety for both spectators and staff, and to speed up entry into venues, stadiums and even certain work places across the country – and the World – some organizations have implemented policies, to control the size and type of stadium bags that you can bring in.

As more and more companies have implemented their own policies with great results, it’s no wonder that you’re thinking about creating your own.

With this in mind, here are 10 steps you can use to help create the perfect clear bag policy.


1. Do Your Research.


Before you create your own bag policy, it’s a good idea to check out the policies of other similar venues and stadiums i.e. common sizes used, types of bags allowed, etc.


2. Consider What The Needs Of Your Venue/Stadium Are.


Armed with your research, you are now in a better position to identify the unique needs of your organization and create your own clear bag policy. For example, many stadiums mandate bags be no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”, however if you are utilizing these for your employees personal belongings and for loss prevention purposes, you may want the size of the bag to be smaller. If your employees will be bringing their lunch in these bags, you may want the allowed size to be a bit larger like this clear lunch bag here vs. this stadium approved lunch bag.


3. Stipulate The Maximum Bag Size.


One of the key considerations of a bag policy is a suitable size restriction, taking into account the specific height, width and depth (usually in inches) that stadium bags should not exceed. Most clear bag policies dictate bags be no bigger than 12” x 6” x 12”. To avoid confusion with fans and employees, we recommend you also elaborate as to the types of bags that are allowed i.e. for example to stay uniform to the policy, you may only allow fans and staff to use clear totes and no clear backpacks. This depends on the type of establishment and purpose of the clear bag. You may want to consider supplying a standard bag size to avoid confusion and avoid having to police the types of bags used.  


4. Decide Whether All Bags Should Be Transparent.


Stadium bags must be clear according to most policies. However, some stadiums make exceptions for clutches and handbags, while some smaller venues allow non-transparent stadium bags of different sizes.


5. If Clear Stadium Bags Are Mandatory, Are Logos Allowed?


Your clear bag policy should state whether see-through bags are allowed to have logos, patterns, and decoration such as buckles on the bag.


6. State The Number Of Bags Allowed Per Person.


Some clear bag policies have no restriction on the number of bags you’re allowed, while others state you can have one or two small bags – your bag policy should reflect a suitable bag restriction for your venue.


7. Consider Whether You Want To Prohibit Certain Types Of Bags.


Some clear bag policies allow handbags, while others do not. Some stadiums only allow clear tote bags or clear crossbody bags, while others accept all types, as long as they’re see through and don’t exceed the size stipulated.


8.  Have Your Bag Policy Checked By Other Parties.


Once you’ve created a clear bag policy, it’s a good idea to get it checked by other people, so that you can get confirmation that your clear bag policy is comprehensive, clear and logical.


9. Distribute Your Clear Bag Policy.


Now that you have your clear bag policy, you can upload it onto your website to let everyone check if their clear bags meet the requirements. Moreover, you should email employees and regular attendees and market the policy to ensure that word gets out. Take a look at our article What Is The Clear Bag Policy? for a size chart. 


10. Start With Your Employees.


When implementing a bag policy, the first thing you should do is to inform your employees so that they can get on board quickly and set an example for spectators. In this case, it’s a good idea to provide clear stadium bags to them, so that they don’t bear the expense of the new clear bag policy.


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