Clear Lunch Bags For Correctional Officers: Bag Policy

The concept of clear lunch bags for corrections officers is not just a policy or a trend but is a necessity for correctional facilities. It not only improves security but it also helps improve their efficiency by making it easier for them to gear up at the start of every shift.

clear bags for corrections


Heavy duty clear lunch bags are made of tough PVC plastic, which makes them resistant to water and stains and are easy to clean with soap and water.

Security Bags for Officers

The most significant benefit of clear lunch bags for correctional officers is, of course, improved security at each facility. When officers are rushing to start their shift, the last thing they need is a delay while their co-workers inspect their bags. Clear lunch bags or clear tote bags speed the officers through the high security check-in, which allows them to enter faster. Heavy duty clear lunch bags also ensure that an officer's belongings do not get into the wrong hands while they are on duty. It is not just a worry about workplace theft but it is also a serious security concern. Anything missing from an officer's lunch bag may end up in an inmate’s hand, which could evolved into a dangerous situation. Therefore, clear bags help eliminate the possibility of missing items, which ensures a safer working environment for everyone.

Clear Backpacks For Officers

clear backpack

Clear backpacks are also very helpful for correctional officers, in addition to heavy duty clear lunch bags. A small backpack makes it easier for guards to gear up at the start of each shift. They can see at a glance what they need, such as change of clothes, boots, cut-resistant gloves and everything else a professional corrections worker needs during their shift. Clear backpacks makes it easy to find what you need when you need it and perform a final gear check after a long workday.

clear bags for officers

Durable Heavy Duty Bags

Undoubtedly, working in a correctional facility is not an easy job as it puts a lot of wear and tear not only on the men and women who work in corrections but also on their gear. That is why clear lunch bags for correctional officers are made from thick PVC durable plastic. Clear lunch bags are water-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean with soap and water so they avoid retaining odors. When dealing with a population of prisoners, clear bags also help eliminate the possibility of contraband while granting everyone peace of mind.

Clear Lunch Bags

Wholesale Clear lunch bags in bulk is a great way to save big! When purchasing clear lunch bags for correctional officers in bulk, it is essential to choose a reliable supplier who provides high-quality and durable bags.



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  • Clear Handbags & More Team on

    Yes we do! Our stadium approved clear lunch bag is our SKU CH-1230 which has a patent pending strap that goes underneath the bag. We also offer wholesale pricing on this bag on orders over 50 units and you can imprint your logo on orders over 100 bags. Our other stadium approved clear lunch bags are our SKU CH-1210 ( and our SKU: CH-J057 ( which can be used as a clear crossbody and has 2 convenient mesh side pockets to be able to use the bag as a clear lunch box or instead of a clear tote bag.

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    Do you manufacture a clear lunch bag that is stadium approved?

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