See Something Say Something, Clear Backpacks and Child Safety

Parents have a natural tendency to worry about the safety of their children and sometimes it becomes challenging to differentiate real concerns from paranoia. The media often shares distressing news about school safety, which worries parents even more. However, some risks are genuine and there are several effective ways to teach your children to stay safe. Let's discuss some of the most pressing concerns about child safety and clear backpacks for school.

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See Something Say Something!

Most strangers are decent people who approach children for legitimate reasons. However, it is still essential to teach children how to react when approached by strangers to protect them from potential dangers. Children have limitations, and teaching them the right approach to strangers can be challenging, especially if they are below ten years. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of walking in a group, never alone, as predators tend to avoid groups of children.

If we teach our children the "see something say something" approach, teachers can be aware of unusual activity on school grounds as well as prevent any future conflicts at school. See through backpacks allow children and staff to identify unauthorized items in the classroom and makes it easier to spot dangerous items. 

Teach Your Children To Stand Up For Themselves

Parents teach children to be polite and respectful around adults but this rule does not apply when they are approached by strangers. Children should be taught never to 

  • Accept social media requests from strangers. 
  • Accept a ride or gift  from a stranger.
  • Hide crucial safety information for fear of being bullied.
  • Allow strangers to follow them. If a stranger follows them, they should run away and shout for help.
  • Additionally, parents can give older children prepaid cell phones stored in the outer pocket of a clear backpack for emergencies or place an AirTag on their bag to track the child's whereabouts. 
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Clear Backpack Policy and Kid Safety

More school districts are mandating clear book bags to help quickly identify contraband and prevent unauthorized items from entering the classroom. It can help the school staff conduct quick security checks and ensure that there are no banned items in the bags. With clear bag policy, the security team can quickly spot any hazardous or illegal substances or weapons.


Teaching children to keep sensitive information private is crucial in ensuring that children remain safe. Ensure that your kids keep their addresses and names private from strangers. Explain to your children that they will never be in trouble if they refuse to engage with an adult they do not recognize. It is better to feel embarrassed than to expose the children to potential danger. This also applies to school bullies. 

Keeping children safe is an essential part of parenting. Although there are real dangers facing children today, such as strangers and school violence, the solutions are relatively straightforward. Teaching children to walk in groups, saying no to strangers, using clear backpacks for school  and keeping sensitive information private are some of the best ways to keep your children safe. By following these tips, you can help keep your children safe, while giving you peace of mind.

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    If your school district has implemented a clear bag policy, tinted clear bags may not be allowed. For example, most stadiums following a clear bag policy do not allow clear tinted bags. Since many schools not only follow the clear backpack policy but also use clear stadium bags for school events they may not be allowed. We encourage you to check with your school or simply purchase a clear backpack with no tinted color.

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    Can see through backpacks have tinted plastic?

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