Clear Bag Policies The New Norm for College Graduations

College campuses across the country are buzzing with excitement as graduation nears. Students eagerly anticipate the culmination of their academic journey, while families and friends prepare to celebrate their achievements. However, alongside the joy and festivities, a growing trend is making its mark on graduation ceremonies: the implementation of clear bag policies for commencement ceremonies.  

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In recent years, colleges and universities such as the University Of Florida, FAMU, USC, UT and many others,  have adopted clear bag policies for graduation commencement ceremonies, mirroring similar measures at sports arenas, concert venues, and other large gatherings. These policies require attendees to use transparent bags for their belongings, with the aim of enhancing security and ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Why the Shift to Clear Bags?

  1. Enhanced Security:
    • The primary driver behind clear bag policies is the need for heightened security. Dense crowds can create an environment more susceptible to security hazards. Stadium approved clear bags allow security personnel to quickly and efficiently inspect items, reducing the chances of prohibited items entering the graduation venue.
  2. Streamlined Entry:
    • Clear bag policies significantly speed up the entry process. Traditional bag checks can be time-consuming and lead to long lines, causing frustration for attendees. Transparent bags simplify the inspection process, allowing for quicker and smoother entry, ensuring that guests can get to their seats without unnecessary delays.
  3. Consistency with Other Venues:
    • Many attendees are already familiar with clear bag policies from attending sports events, concerts, and other large gatherings. By aligning with these established practices, colleges and universities provide a consistent experience for guests, reducing confusion and ensuring compliance. Most schools that have already adopted a clear bag policy require a transparent bag no larger than 12 x 12 x 6

Impact on Graduates and Attendees

For graduates and their families, the implementation of clear bag policies may require some adjustments. Ensure a smooth transition to the new requirements by following these suggestions:

  1. Plan Ahead:
    • Be sure to check your college or university’s specific clear bag policy well in advance of the ceremony. This information is typically available on the institution's website or through event communications.
  2. Choose the Right Bag:
    • Invest in a compliant clear bag that meets the size and design specifications set by the institution. 
  3. Pack Smart:
    • Only bring essential items to the graduation ceremony. Most policies allow for small, non-transparent pouches for personal items like wallets, keys, and phones but these may also be subject to size restrictions.
  4. Communicate with Guests:
    • Make sure all your family and friends joining you at the graduation are aware of the clear bag policy to avoid any surprises at the entrance. Sharing information about what is and isn’t allowed can help ensure everyone is prepared. 
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Looking Ahead

As clear bag policies become more prevalent at college graduations, they represent a broader trend towards increased security and efficiency at large-scale events. While these changes may require some initial adjustments, the benefits of enhanced safety and streamlined entry processes are undeniable. For graduates, the focus remains on celebrating their hard-earned achievements, and with a bit of preparation, the clear bag policy can be just a small part of a joyous and memorable day.

Congratulations to all the graduates, and here's to a safe and successful celebration!

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