Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Welcome Amazon Fulfillment Center Personnel!


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are sending a Purchase Order, there is no need to sign up for an account on our web site.  Simply send your PO to  The below steps are only for placing a prepaid order using your PCARD.


ALSO NOTE: Our system calculates rates based on the UPS shipping method. If you plan on ordering more than 1,000 bags please consider submitting a Purchase Order instead of pre-paying.


Please follow the below steps to create your Wholesale Account:

1. Please click "My Account" above and then click the "Create an Account" button


2. Contact Customer Service to have your account converted to Wholesale:


Call 1-800-881-4880 and select Option 1   OR  email


3. Once your account is converted you will be able to access the Amazon negotiated pricing.


4. To order your bags please follow this link:


If you have any questions please call Laura at 615-988-0468.